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We have a collection of books, journals, and pamphlets for members of the public. We have titles on topics from aids to wellness that are produced by institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California. We also carry resources from support groups and the National Institutes of Health. Consumer books can be borrowed for two weeks. We can also refer you to information resources around the world or within our community.

Or use the comprehensive on-line health resource, Medline Plus, to help you find the health and wellness information you need, or search Pubmed for clinical information.

Library Services for Staff and Physicians

Medical and Nursing Journals and Textbooks: We maintain subscriptions to journals and purchase textbooks that complement our service areas. Books (except for reference books) can be borrowed for a month. You may check out texts at any time. You have 24-hour access to the library through the House Supervisor or Security. If you check out texts after hours, please write your name on the book card inside the front cover of the text and leave it on library desk.

Literature Search

We are trained extensively in searching the National Library of Medicine's databases and other biomedical databases. If you are having a hard time with a search, please ask, we are always happy to run a search on a specific topic. If you prefer to do your own literature search, we provide in-house articles at no charge and interlibrary loan articles for articles we do not have in our collection. Literature search and article request forms are available in the library and in the Health Records Department or you may click on the buttons for using Internet email forms. You may also leave a request in the library, by email, or by telephone/voice-mail at (970) 256-6209.

Interlibrary Loan:

We belong to a group of medical libraries who subscribe to a service called Freeshare. We try to obtain articles first from libraries that do not charge for their services. However, if an article is not available from a free in-state source, a charge is placed on the article. These charges vary from $8.00 to $15.00. You have the option of requesting only articles from sources that do not charge for their loan services. Some articles can be obtained on the same day as the request, others take longer to arrive from more distant libraries.

Computer Use and Internet Access:

Our public access computers have Internet access. Staff can check their MOX mail, take annual compliance tests, or perform searches. Some training resources have also been installed on these computers.