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James Gebhard, MD and Kirk Clifford, MD are now with Western Colorado Spine at Community Hospital!

Kirk Clifford, MD

Board certified orthopedic spine surgeon Kirk D. Clifford, MD, has unique training in a combined orthopedic-neurosurgical spine fellowship. Dr. Clifford provides orthopedic surgery with a specialized focus on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the spine.

Jason Bell, PA-C

Curve Image Guided Surgery

Community Hospital now offers Curve Image Guided Surgery. Community Hospital is one of only four health care facilities in the state of Colorado and the only one on the Western Slope to offer the state-of-the-art Brainlab equipment to spine surgery patients.
The diagnosis of any condition of the nervous system, whether it is brain, spine or spinal cord is life altering. Reviewing treatment options with your healthcare professional is an important step toward choosing the most effective and minimally invasive treatment for you. At Community Hospital, our goal is to offer pioneering and comprehensive treatment options to all of our patients.
The spine surgeons at Community Hospital are now performing highly advanced spinal procedures using Curve™ by Brainlab, the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery.
With the help of Curve, the latest image guided surgery technology on the market, our doctors are able to operate less invasively and with greater precision, which may help you to recover faster and return to your everyday activities and work sooner.
Discuss Curve Image Guided Surgery with your doctor to find out if it is right for you.

James Gebhard, MD

Board certified orthopedic spine surgeon James S. Gebhard, MD, specializes in adult and pediatric spine surgery. Dr. Gebhard is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and diseases of the spine.

Todd Ousley, PA-C

What is Image Guided Surgery?
Also known as ‘3D navigated surgery,’ Curve Image Guided Surgery helps your spine surgeon visualize and track their surgical instruments as they compare to the 3D image acquired before during surgery. These images are displayed on big, beyond-HD, touch screen monitors so your surgeon can view your anatomy from virtually any angle. The Brainlab navigation technology allows your surgeon to use intra-operative 3D imaging to view the critical structures in your spine, making surgery precise, minimally invasive and safe.

How is Curve Image Guided Surgery beneficial?

Precision: your spine surgeon can effectively plan a minimally invasive procedure and operate with great precision and confidence.

Safety: Curve helps your surgeon identify the entry point and entry angle, guiding with 3D images through a portion of, or entire, surgery, depending upon your condition and the surgical treatment. Curve helps reduce the risk of damage to delicate structures in the spine, preserving function and healthy tissue.

For spine procedures, the advanced visualization features of the Curve navigation system help to minimize X-Ray exposure to our patients and to our staff.

Collaboration: your surgeon uses Curve to plan your whole surgery and also to share your treatment plan with other doctors on your care team. The whole team can view, share and collaborate easily and securely both outside and in the operating room.

What types of procedures are performed with Curve Image Guided Surgery?

Spinal Procedures
Cervical spine implant placement
Thoracic spine implant placement
Lumbar dorsal fusions
Lumbar pedical screw placement
Lumbar transiliacal screw placement
Dorsal pelvic ring screw fixation

Cranial Procedures
Tumor resections
Skull base surgery
Cranial biopsies
Pediatric Catheter Shunt Placement
General Catheter Shunt Placement

ENT Procedures
Transphenoidal procedures
Maximillary antrostomies
Spheno-idotomies/sphenoid explorations
Turbinate resections
Frontal sinusotomies
Intranasal procedures