Community Health Partnership

What is Community Health Partnership (CHP)

Community Health Partnership, a service of Community Hospital, is a suite of services specifically tailored to improve employee health and control health care costs in collaboration with local businesses.

The potential financial impact of health care reform and rising health care costs are leading more employers to step up their efforts to engage employees in actively managing their health.
Together, our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of the employees and the employer groups we serve through the convenience and affordability of employer sponsored medical clinics, population health management, health coaching, and additional services.

We know that not all organizations are the same, so we work to customize a program that is best suited for each individual organization. We believe that healthier employees lead to a healthier bottom line and by assessing and addressing the overall health of an organization’s population, we are able to identify areas of cost savings.

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Employer Sponsored Medical Clinics

Health care reform is impacting employers in countless ways. Beyond the immediate cost, compliance and insurance challenges, organizations are rethinking their role in offering employer provided health care and the broad reaching impact of promoting workforce
well-being and healthy lifestyles.

By making it easier to access affordable care, an employer sponsored medical clinic delivers enhanced point of care services and provides intensive care coordination, thus improving efficiencies and reducing out of pocket costs for employees.

Our model may include the following services:
  • 24/7 Access to Primary and Acute Care
  • (Participating Providers)
  • Common Lab Tests
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition & Diabetes Education
  • Behavioral Health
  • Generic prescriptions available through Canyon View Pharmacy
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    Tawny Espinoza, MBA, CHWC
    Chief Development Officer
    Phone: (970) 644-3016
    Email: [email protected]

    Comprehensive Wellness Program

    The goal of our program is to improve the health of the population we serve through a set of proactive interventions designed to maintain and improve people’s health across the full continuum of care; from low-risk, healthy individuals to high-risk individuals with one or more chronic conditions. Specific interventions, such as health promotion and wellness, risk management, care coordination/advocacy, and disease/case management are targeted to individuals based on where they fall on the continuum of risk/care. Components include:

  • Online Wellness Portal
  • Onsite Health Screening/Flu Shot Services
  • Tailored Wellness Challenges
  • Account Management
  • Risk Reporting
  • Narrow Network Health Plan Design

    This is a specifically designed health plan in which members must stay within a narrow network of providers and may or may not have the option for coverage of providers out of network. Community Hospital, University of Utah Health Care and Canyon View Surgery Center are the only network facility/narrow network providers for the services we provide. In return, Community Hospital offers the employer deeper discounts. By significantly decreasing premiums, lowering deductibles and sometimes eliminating or reducing copays, employers are making this an attractive health plan option for their employees. With this type of design, both the employee and the employer realize lower overall health care costs.