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Welcome to the Community Health Partnership Wellness Program!

Here you can:

  • Schedule your health screening
  • Complete your online health questionnaire
  • View your screening and questionnaire results
  • Track points for your wellness action plan

  • New Wellness Portal
    Everyone needs to register as a new participant!

    To register, you will need:
  • Last name
  • Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Identifier:
    Employees - CH + 4 digit employee number (ex. CH1234)
    Spouses - CHS + employee's 4 digit employee number (ex.CH1234)
  • Registration code: CommunityHospital (case sensitive)

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    Please note this is for Community Hospital employees.

    Have a question?

    Lana Birch, BS, ACSM
    Wellness Coordinator
    Phone: (970) 263-2637
    Email: lbirch@gjhosp.org


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