Community Health Needs Assessment

Dear Community Resident:

Community Hospital invites you to review the following document “Mesa County Community Health Needs Assessment 2021 - 2023." This Community Health Needs Assessment is a fundamental tool of public health practice in Mesa County. Its purpose it to describe the health of the community by presenting information on health status, community health needs, resources, and analysis of local health problems. The CHNA is the foundation for improvement planning in the local public health system.

Because working together has a greater impact on health and economic vitality than working alone, our community brought together health care, public health, and other stakeholders to consider high-priority actions to improve community health. Since 2011, Community Hospital has played an active role in collaboration with the Mesa County Health Department and a number of other local hospitals and organizations in Mesa County for the CHNA process. Our new report, “Mesa County Community Health Needs Assessment 2021 - 2023," is an updated assessment which will guide our next three years.

We do not have adequate resources to solve all problems identified. Some issues identified are beyond the mission of the health system and action is best suited for a response by others. Some improvements will require personal actions by individuals rather than the response of an organization. We view this plan as providing guidance around how we, along with other area organizations and agencies, can collaborate to make the best medical care available to the citizens of our community.

Community Hospital will conduct or collaboratively engage in a community health needs assessment at least every three years in response to a federal requirement to which we must acknowledge and respond.

Please be thinking about how we might improve the health and medical services in our area. I invite your response to this and our previous reports. Our joint efforts can make living in Mesa County healthier and more enjoyable.


Chris Thomas, President & CEO

To view the reports, please click on the respective link below:
Mesa County Community Health Needs Assessment 2021 - 2023
Community Hospital Implementation Strategy Report 2022
Community Hospital Implementation Strategy Report 2018

If you have questions or comments regarding these reports or if you would like a paper copy of this report, you may contact Tawny Espinoza, Chief Development Officer, at 970-644-3016 or [email protected].