Foundation Board Members

The Community Hospital Foundation Board is a volunteer, philanthropic group of local citizens who serve as the ambassadors for the hospital and raise money for the hospital's ongoing needs.

Picture of Sue                                                                                                 Edson
Sue Edson
ARVDHeart for Hope
Picture of Lori                                                                                                Ellis
Lori Ellis
Tenbro Design
Picture of Randy                                                                                               Krause
Randy Krause
Volunteer Director
Community Hospital
Picture of Jenna                                                                                               Noem
Jenna Noem
Nuclear Care Partners
Picture of Brandi                                                                                              Pollock
Brandi Pollock
Fisher's Liquor Barn & Fisher's Market
Picture of Phillip                                                                                             Raimer
Phillip Raimer
EC Electric
Picture of Matt                                                                                                Rosenberg
Matt Rosenberg
RoseCap Investment Advisors
Picture of Andrew                                                                                              Smith
Andrew Smith
Kain & Burke, PC
Picture of Chris                                                                                               Thomas
Chris Thomas
President and CEO
Community Hospital
Picture of Jana                                                                                                Thomas
Jana Thomas
Grant Writer/Volunteer
Community Hospital
Picture of Taryn                                                                                               Warren
Taryn Warren
Employee Representative
Community Hospital
Picture of Eric                                                                                                Yarina
Eric Yarina
Sales Director
Candlewood Suites