Foundation Board Members

The Community Hospital Foundation Board is a volunteer, philanthropic group of local citizens who serve as the ambassadors for the hospital and raise money for the hospital's ongoing needs.

Picture of Chris                                                                                               Allen
Chris Allen
Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.
Picture of Nicole                                                                                              Bergquist
Nicole Bergquist
Community Hospital
Picture of Tom                                                                                                 Bishop
Tom Bishop
Community Hospital
Picture of Jennifer                                                                                            Brownell
Jennifer Brownell
Land Title Guarantee Company
Picture of Cody                                                                                                Carlson
Cody Carlson
High Country Beverage
Picture of Melissa                                                                                             Guillen, Secretary/Treasurer
Melissa Guillen, Secretary/Treasurer
Cummins Sales and Service
Picture of Theresa                                                                                             Hodges
Theresa Hodges
East Valley Liquor
Picture of Justin                                                                                              Menge
Justin Menge
Alpine Bank
Picture of Brandi                                                                                              Pollock
Brandi Pollock
Fisher's Liquor Barn & Fisher's Market
Picture of Matt                                                                                                Price
Matt Price
Priceless Coaching
Picture of Natalie                                                                                             Redding
Natalie Redding
Townsquare Media
Picture of Chris                                                                                               Thomas
Chris Thomas
President and CEO
Community Hospital
Picture of Cassie                                                                                              Tufly, Chair
Cassie Tufly, Chair
Fidelity Mortgage
Picture of Eric                                                                                                Yarina, Vice Chair
Eric Yarina, Vice Chair
Candlewood Suites