Medical Staff Resources

Compliance Standards Policies

Compliance Standards Policies for Medical Staff and Licensed Independent Practitioners
Maintaining compliance with standards from our accreditation bodies requires that Community Hospital educate all staff and licensed independent practitioners regarding specific practices. These practices are outlined in the following policies:

Please review the policies and click here to complete the mandatory attestation statement indicating that you have reviewed and understand the materials provided to you.

    Abuse Child, Domestic, Elder, Vulnerable Patient
    Restraint Use
    Emergency Operations Plan
    Forensic Patient Policy
    High Alert Medications
    Infection Prevention and Control Plan
    Medication Administration
    Organ, Tissue, & Bone Recovery
    Pain Management
    Patient Rights & Responsibilities
    Blood Administration for Providers
    Scope of Services

Our accreditation bodies include: The Joint Commission (TJC), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program/American Osteopathic Association (HFAP/AOA), and Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)


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