There are many reasons to have a career at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. Community Hospital values and respects the employees that provide excellent care to our valued patients.

Students applying for a position at Community Hospital will need to open and review all items under Reference Materials below. These will help you to complete all the forms and quizzes.

All forms and quizzes may be printed and brought to:
Community Hospital
2351 G Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Or faxed or emailed to the appropriate contact below.

Medical Students:

Contact Markie Walker, (970) 644-3027

Reference Material to Read:

Forms to be printed, filled out and returned to Markie Walker

Forms may be delivered to: Markie Walker, 2351 G Road, Grand Junction, CO 81505
Or faxed to: (970) 644-3036
Or emailed to:

Student Material

Contact Sherry Meeder, (970) 644-3426

Reference Material to Read:

Please submit all student requests through the My Clinical Exchange site.

Therapy Students:

Contact Nathan Stinnett, (970) 644-3720

Reference Material to Read:

Forms to be printed, filled out and returned to Nathan Stinnett

Forms may be delivered to: Nathan Stinnett, 2004 N 12th St., Grand Junction, CO 81501
Or faxed to: (970) 644-3737
Or emailed to:

Please read regarding use of interactive forms:

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Please note: When using the interactive forms, you are entering your information into a form on your computer only - nothing is going out over the internet as this form is filled out. Clicking on the Email button simply sends this file to its respective contact person as an attachment, nothing is sent over the internet through the web browser.