There are many reasons to have a career at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. Community Hospital values and respects the employees that provide excellent care to our valued patients.

Students applying for a rotation at Community Hospital will need to have their school submit a student rotation request in My Clinical Exchange (see below under Student Materials for more information).

Student Material

Please contact the education department by calling (970) 644-3426.

Reference Material to Read:

Please submit all student requests through the My Clinical Exchange site.

Please read regarding use of interactive forms:

To use this interactive application, you must have Adobe Reader 8. You must also have an email application such as Outlook on your computer that manages your email or you may not be able to email the interactive forms. You may complete the interactive forms, print it and bring them to the appropriate person.

Please note: When using the interactive forms, you are entering your information into a form on your computer only - nothing is going out over the internet as this form is filled out. Clicking on the Email button simply sends this file to its respective contact person as an attachment, nothing is sent over the internet through the web browser.