Surgical Services

If your surgery is non-emergent, prior to the day of the surgery, you will come to the hospital to meet with one of our pre-op teaching nurses. They will instruct you on when to stop eating, drinking, using tobacco products, the use of Hibiclens liquid soap, and what medications (if any) to take the morning of surgery. Any pre-operative testing required will be ordered during this visit.

After arriving at the hospital the day of surgery, an IV will be started to administer fluids and medications. You will meet with your anesthesiologist and receive a medication that may cause drowsiness. After surgery, patients are taken to a special recovery area where blood pressure, pulse, respirations and temperature are monitored.

Once a patient is stable, awake and alert they will be discharged home with a responsible adult.

For more information about any surgical procedure, call (970) 644-3300.

To find out more about your procedure, visit Medline Plus.

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Da Vinci Xi Surgical System
The da Vinci Xi Surgical System was designed with the goal of further advancing the technology used in minimally invasive surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery, performed through a few small incisions. During robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon controls the da Vinci surgical system through a special console in the room.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System offers cutting edge technology and unmatched surgical precision. Talk to your provider about robotic surgeries that are available to you.
    • General Surgery
    • Gynecological Surgery
    • Oncological Surgery
    • Urological Surgery

Da Vinci Product Features

3D high-definition camera allows surgeon to see:
    • A crystal-clear and highly magnified view of your anatomy as he/she operates
    • Anatomy not normally visible to the human eye
    • The fine details of your surgery

Access anatomical locations that were previously difficult to reach by other approaches:
    • Beyond the limits of the human hand