Nursing Care

In September 2022, Community Hospital earned our initial ANCC Pathway to Excellence Designation®! As a Pathway to Excellence designated organization, we are committed to the continual pursuit, practice, maintenance and improved implementation of the Six Pathway Standards. This includes participating actively in Shared Decision-Making and Shared Governance. It means we are committed to creating, maintaining, and continuously evaluating and improving leadership development. It means that we are committed to patients, nurses, staff safety and to helping our nurses and direct care staff provide high quality of patient care.

We have had a long-standing and continuing tradition of caring for our staff’s wellbeing. It also means that we are committed to supporting and creating opportunities for professional development. As a Pathway to Excellence designated organization, we are proud to empower our team!

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Nursing Commitment

As Community Hospital nurses we:
  1. Embrace the philosophy that nursing is both an art and a science.
  2. Promise to provide our patients and families with excellent nursing care based on the highest professional standards of evidence based practice, ethics and integrity.
  3. Commit ourselves to caring for the whole person.
  4. Believe our primary responsibility is to advocate for individual health restoration and wellness to its fullest potential.
  5. Embrace a multi-theory nursing approach which allows each nurse to identify and connect with his or her individual perspective on nursing theory in a way to best serve our patients.

Nursing Mission and Vision Statements

Our Nursing Mission:
    “Driven to Excellence, Compelled by Compassion”
    Community Hospital nurses provide collaborative, patient-centered care, driven by excellence, compelled by compassion, and supported by evidence-based practice.

Our Nursing Vision:
    “Not Alone but Together - Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”
    Community Hospital nurses are recognized as innovative, excellent, compassionate, and well educated nurses. Together we provide the highest quality care possible in a respectful, caring and healing environment.