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Take Charge of Your Health Care
Health care reform has generated a great deal of interest in learning more about health care and the available options. We applaud consumers for taking an active role in their health care. At Community Hospital, we take pride in the care we provide. We believe that having charge and quality data at your fingertips enables you to make decisions with better information.

We know you simply want the best value for your money; the highest quality of care at the best price. This section of our website has helpful links to help you take charge of your health care and compare quality and prices, so you can make the right choice for you and your family.

Community Hospital is committed to providing you a great value for your health care dollars. As you review charges and compare costs, you will find that our charges are generally 20 percent less than other Grand Valley hospital providers and we consistently save the Medicare program 12.8%. We offer you great value and we continue to lead in patient satisfaction.

Billing and Financial Assistance Information
Health care billing can be confusing. We are committed to helping you understand the billing process, our financial assistance programs and your insurance benefits. This section of our website has some general billing and financial assistance information that we hope you will find helpful. We are always happy to answer your specific questions.
  • Billing Explanation brochure.
  • Summary of our financial assistance programs
  • Top 10 Reasons to Compare

  • How to Use Charge & Quality Data

    Having charge and quality information at your fingertips enables you to make decisions with better information based on true value, and what the best value is for you.

    In the past few years, several reputable organizations have developed interactive public websites that report health care quality information.

    But all sources are not equal, and consumers must be certain the data is based on national standards and benchmarks for quality and safety. It's also important to understand how to interpret and use the information.

    How to Use Quality Data
  • Familiarize yourself with the measures and how they can help improve the care that's delivered to patients.

  • Review the methodology section of the websites. Are the results based on nationally recognized benchmarks?

  • Be sure to look at the results over a period of time to get an accurate portrayal of organizational quality. One bad outcome in a quarter with relatively few procedures will greatly skew the results. Looking at three or four quarters of data provides a more accurate picture.

  • Additional factors to consider
    Charge and quality data is just a starting point - just two factors that should go into health care decision-making. Not any one measure is indicative of an organization's overall performance.

    Discuss your choices with your physician and/or call the hospital to ask questions. Look at a hospital's nurse to patient ratio and patient satisfaction scores.

    Links to publicly accessible websites that are dedicated to reporting health care quality and patient satisfaction information. All of these sites are credible sources of information based on national benchmarks and evidence-based standards:
  • The Joint Commission
  • Colorado Hospital Report Card
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Service‚Äôs website
  • Hospital Quality and Charge Data
  • HealthGrades

  • How to Use Charge Data
    Comparing charges between local providers for similar procedures can help you decide where to go for care based on your insurance reimbursement and personal preference. Combined with quality data, charge information can provide you with an overall picture of the best value for your health care dollars.

    Procedure Charges Lookup
    Community Hospital is committed to giving you easy access to our most common testing and procedures charges. We believe this information is essential to making important health care decisions. Once you read and agree to the disclaimer below, feel free to browse our charge data, which is updated quarterly.

    I understand that the following charge information is based on historical data and is an estimate of charges for the test/procedure/surgery without complications. This estimate does not include physician fees or charges for any additional tests ordered for your care. Your final bill will include charges for the actual services provided to you. For questions about your financial obligation, we encourage you to contact your insurance company to verify details of your coverage.

    Please click here to view charge data.