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Case Management

According to the Case Management Society of America, the primary goal of the case management department is to be a patient advocate; empowering patients and families by providing them with information to make informed health care choices.

All patients and their representatives at Community Hospital may at any time request a discharge planning evaluation and the case managers will provide this evaluation upon request. Community Hospital's case managers are actively involved with discharge planning to ensure patients receive continuity of care and are discharged to a safe environment. Anticipation of post-hospital needs and appropriate discharge planning are priorities for the case managers. Your Community Hospital case manager along with your physician and will help you make your transition back into your home by arranging for services or medical equipment that you may need. If you require continued care or rehabilitation, the case manager will make those arrangements.

For private insurance patients, the case manager is responsible for communicating with the insurance company to obtain authorization for the hospital stay and assisting with any discharge needs.

The Medicare conditions of participation require facilities to perform utilization review of all patients admitted to the hospital. The case manager reviews medical records to ensure admission criteria is met, treatments are appropriate, and evaluates the use of hospital resources.

For more information please feel free to call the case management department at 970-644-3130.